Welcome to Paxton Fine Art, from Dreams to Fantasy the mystical art of Paxton, offering Paintings, Prints & Sculpture based on the realms of Fantasy art / Mystical art and Dreams / Dream inspired art. If your interest lies in Mystic / Mystical art, Fantasy art, Surrealism, Dreams, Dream inspired artwork or Dream interpretation we at Paxton Fine Art think you will enjoy our site. The artist Paxton Mobley's main focus is on Fantasy, Mystical and Dream based or inspired artwork. Paxton Fine Art is divided into two categories. Midrealism ( dreams and dream inspired artwork ) and Tridoria ( an imaginative Mystical / Fantasy art world ).

Paxton’s newest creation is a fantastic and imaginative Fantasy / Mystical art world called Tridoria. While always being interested in Fantasy art Paxton’s artwork from 1993 until 2003 was primarily based on dreams, which he named Midrealism. In 2003 Paxton began to create a new mystical world that he would later name Tridoria. This unique fantasy world was inspired not by his past theories and beliefs of dreams but by his imagination and desire to create a fascinating world of creative races and environments which his paintings would depict. These new paintings, created around the mystical fantasy art world of Tridoria, are not characteristic of what most would consider traditional fantasy artwork. Because of Paxton’s background in dreams and surrealism his fantasy paintings seem to have an added flavor of the unusual. Traditional fantasy art characters are portrait in a unique way and become more stylized, holding only a slight connection to those fantasy art characters and races that they were inspired from. Tridoria, a mystic world based on three realms, while very young in its creation, has the potential to take the fantasy art world by storm. Through the mind of Paxton a unique and mystical world has been born. This incredible fantasy world continues to grow and is seen as a dominant force that will shape the future of Paxton Fine Art.

Paxton’s most long lived and well-known style is that of his dream inspired works of art called Midrealism. It was in 1992 when Paxton first began working on an inspirational new writing that later give rise to his first manifesto of Midrealism, pushing his art away from the Surrealism movement he was so fond of and into his own new style. Through Midrealism’s new theories on dreams Paxton found a unique way to look at dream inspired art. His paintings, while still seeming so similar to those of Surrealism at first glance, actually go a step further than Surrealism in their underlining theories on dreams. By viewing Paxton’s midreal dream inspired paintings, sculpture and prints the viewer is shown a new imaginative and naturally creative world overflowing with fantastic images and scenes almost incomprehensible in our present reality but full of their own hidden truths. The well known symbol for Midrealism is a blue ear which adds to the art belief systems random strangeness. Whether you are interested in dreams or dream inspired art, are a fan of Surrealism or you just like really out of this world strange art we think you will enjoy the world of Midrealism

Paxton Fine Art is organized under one main site, which branches off into two divisions. The Paxton Fine Art store houses all the paintings, prints, sculpture, posters and novelties currently available from Paxton Fine Art. Whether you are interested in the Dream inspired works of Midrealism, the mystical fantasy world of Tridoria or the loose expressionistic left handed paintings of From the Left Side we hope you truly enjoy your experience browsing the Paxton Fine Art site.

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